Bumpy roads, curated playlists, crappy motels, and amazing scenery—that’s right, it’s road trip time. Join four high school friends Kay, Tristan, Reve, and Alex as they embark on a fun, somewhat emotional, somewhat hilarious journey through Aeolus—power of friendship style. Along the way they’ll figure out that you can get sick of Old Town Road when it’s blasted on repeat for days on end. Thanks, Reve. There will be fresh new fits, a ton of photos, all the convenience store snacks you can stuff in one car, a little bit of heartbreak, and even a love confession. Finally. Ultimately, they’ll discover that, as with most things in life, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with a little time, love, care, and a good punch to the face.
Created By
Joy Tian, Marissa Ouyang, and Michelle Chiang (Jarchelle)
Written work by Bella Maglanque, character (Alex) by Sandra Maglanque

character bios, comics, illustrations, written piece by Bella Maglanque, Spotify songs and playlists


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Delivering the books.
Delivering the books.
Group reading!
Group reading!

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