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Created by: 
Marissa Ouyang, Justine Lee, Marine Vaseghi, Sally Pang, Vernice Tse, Carly Drew, AJ Ross, Mandy Huang, and Pat Andal

character bios, comics, and illustrations

Size: 6"x9"
Pages: TBD
Neighbourhoods follows the lives of two rival delinquents "gangs" trying to survive in their natural habitat—high school. In two cities that clash like day and night, these two groups fight over the silliest of miscommunications known to mankind as they run dim sum restaurants, shotgun cans of Zoodles, and compete to see who’s strongest. You will meet Garfield, a bastard who tries, however futile, to escape his association from a certain orange cat. You will meet Lee, a blockhead who is always looking for a “negotiation.” You will meet Kentarou, a farm boy with the sweetest heart, and you will meet Shion, Bodhi, Mei, and many, many more characters who are trying to navigate their relationships as well as their fights. Amidst the chaos, friendships are born, confessions are made, and more than one braincell may be lost.

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